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Mogami 2552 Priced Per Foot
Van Damme Pro Grade Classic XKE | BLK

Starts at: $1.50

  • Superflexible balanced microphone cable. A specially developed high performance yet economical series of low impedance balanced microphone cables. These cables are small in size and a special rubber-like PVC jacket is extremely flexible and exhibits good resistance to rough handling and abrasion. High grade insulation material is designed to minimize heat shrinkage during soldering which allows easy termination to XLR type connectors.
  • Specifications: black, 26 AWG main conductors, single serve copper shield, 27 pF/ft capacitance between conductors and shield, twisted pair.
  • Features: ultra flexible with 11,000 cycle flex life, low noise cross linked PE insulation, PVC outer jacket for durability, industry standard wire.
  • Uses: microphone cables, balanced signal runs, TRS cables, TRS-XLR cables, stage and studio.
  • Designed and manufactured in Nagano, Japan by Mogami.

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