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Sinasoid Emergency Patch Cable Kit
Sinasoid Emergency Solderless Patch Cable Kit

Starts at: $14.99

We've all been there. Something goes really wrong right before your set, and you've found out that someone closed a road case on your pedalboard and a patch died :| Well, we're here to help. In our Emergency Patch Cable Kit we include:

  • ONE foot of black solderless cable, cleanly cut and ready to be assembled in a pinch
  • TWO solderless plugs and grub screws
  • ONE of our fan favorite Sinasoid picks
  • ONE LIMITED EDITION "Gotcha!" Sinasoid Sticker
You'll need a small flathead screwdriver (included in most guitar tech toolsets) and a minute of patience!

As stressful as the situation may be, there is no Pepcid AC included, unfortunately :/

Go ahead, break a leg, not your signal chain.

Important assembly tips: It's VERY important that you work each cable end into a flat top with a nicely rounded shape. Please also ensure that you fully insert the wire into the plug. There is a pin in the plug assembly that must fully pierce the core of the wire, which will give some resistance. While you tighten the grub screw, please make sure that you keep consistent pressure on the wire going into the plug, and tighten it about 1/2 turn past flush from the plug housing. Feel free to contact us for more tips!

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