Sinasoid IEM Extension Cable 5FT
Sinasoid IEM Extensino Cable
Our Price: $22.99


Techflex Color Selector:

It's what every IEM extension dreams of being: heavy duty 1/8” stereo cable hand soldered and built with entirely serviceable parts. With solder-tabbed G&H/REAN connectors and 5 feet of Techflex'ed Gotham GAC-2, you can extend your in-ears in style.

Our biggest goal with this particular cable was for it to be serviceable. No more throwing away cheap, cruddy cables because they crapped out. Send it back if anything happens, and we'll service and ship it back to you. No questions asked... unless you want to tell us that something really cool and crazy happened to cause it to go haywire.

Pick your Techflex color and be on your merry, musical way. Length is preset at 5', but if you need a longer or shorter cable, feel free to head over to our Custom Shop Cable Builder to configure your dream IEM cable!

As with every Custom Shop cable, these IEM cables are handmade with love, carefully assembled and packed in our shop, and are covered by our 100 Year Warranty.

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