Transparency Report

For new cable buyers, the cost of a premium cable like our Sinasoid Signature SLATE or SLATE Coil might be a bit confusing.

Well, we're happy to show you exactly what it costs to get the highest quality hand-built custom cable into your hands.

We believe honesty is vital for our ongoing relationships with you, our customers. So, we've taken cues from companies in other industries and released this extensive report covering every cent of your SLATE cable purchase.

Scroll down and we'll break down the cost of a 10-foot Sinasoid SLATE cable with G&H BF2P-GGG plugs on both sides.

Scroll down and we'll break down the cost of a Sinasoid Slate Coil cable with G&H BF2P-GGG plugs on both sides.

Slate Slate Coil

Non-materials Costs

Non-materials costs are what we pay for every SLATE cable we make.
These costs don't vary between lengths or options.

Labor $4.88
Labor $4.15
R&D $1.50
R&D $0.91
Transport $0.86



Materials Costs

These are the costs for parts and materials involved in production,
from cable construction to the finished packaged product.

Raw Cable $15.50
Raw Cable $65.13
Plugs $7.95
Shrink Tube $0.78
Packaging & Gifts $4.55
Solder $0.05
Consumption $0.12



Ongoing Expenses

Ongoing expenses are what keep our web-based company running, like our web hosting fees, salaries of office personnel, rent, and secure payment gateways. These costs are totals adjusted in accordance with the average time for a single cable build.

Payment Fees $1.62
Payment Fees $2.99
Web Dev $0.11
Overhead $11.13



Final Cost

Cost of Goods Sold $49.05 $98.73
You Pay $54.00 $99.99
The remainder of our markup goes into marketing, site maintenance, and wages for time spent on work other than building cables.
We take our identity as a manufacturer of premium cabling seriously. It takes a lot for us to deliver a high-quality custom product, and now we’ve shown you exactly how we make it happen.
Sinasoid is committed to honesty. No gimmicks. No insane profit margins. We’re here to deliver the best cables with the best customer service at the best possible price.
So, what do you say?
Buy a Slate Buy a Slate Coil