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Our Team

Sinasoid started humbly in 2013 to bring topshelf gear to all musicians. Our team was small, just three artists who understood the fine line between excellence and price in musical equipment.

With this in mind, we began building products tailored specifically to each musician’s rig and requests. Years removed from Sinasoid's birth, our little shop continues evolving to offer the gear musicians need, and we strive to be the leader in custom cabling at the highest possible quality.

While the team has grown since the beginning, the exceptionally high standards for materials, craftsmanship, service, and delivery remain the same. Still operating out of our beautiful hometown of Seattle, our pursuit is to become the leader in Pro Audio Couture while providing an unparalleled purchasing experience.

Even if it’s as simple as a replacement patch cable, we’re committed to making your gear and interactions with us the best possible so you can freely do what you love: make music.

G&H DIY Solderless Cable-By-The-Foot
Sinasoid S Logo Trucker Hat
Sinasoid Short Stack Pancake Patch Cable Bundle
Sinasoid Emergency Solderless Patch Cable Kit