We’re proud to introduce the Sinasoid Sliver:
An ultra-thin profile plug designed to save you space on your pedalboard without compromising any reliability.

We teamed up with our friends at G&H to bring this innovative patch cable plug to life, and like the rest of G&H’s plug lineup,
the Sliver is made in America with the highest standards of quality.

How is it so small?
Sinasoid Sliver Plug

The Sliver is small due to its physical ground connection and unique methods of strain relief.
The whole plug consists of four parts:

  1. The plug assembly
  2. Compact barrel housing
  3. Compression shield clamp
  4. Molded plastic cap

The cable’s core conductor is hooked around a post on the plug assembly and then soldered, giving a strong connection and providing excellent strain relief.

The shielding is wrapped inside the compression clamp. When the barrel is screwed onto the plug and cap, the compression clamp locks tightly around the cable’s shielding, making sure that a solid ground connection is made with virtually every shielding strand. This clamping mechanism also provides strain relief between the cable jacket and plug.

Get patched up with Sliver