Sinasoid Sliver Patch Cable BUNDLE - 4x 6" Patch Cables
Sinasoid Sliver Super Low Profile Patch Cable
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*****UNFORTUNATELY Sliver is back-ordered as we perfect the tooling for manufacturing this powerful little plug. Please contact us if you'd like to be notified about its coming back in stock!*****

You've heard about the Sliver. Patch cables everywhere are cowering in the dark, speaking in hushed voices about the tiny new soldered patch plug in town.

Sinasoid is your exclusive source for these microscopic monsters. A soldered hot connection and 360 degree pressure clamped ground make for sturdy construction and a snug fit for any gap between pedals. This tiny 4-piece patch plug is the smallest soldered option we have, and is about to free up tons of precious real estate on the face of your pedalboard. (For a DIY version of this plug set, please visit the Sliver on our DIY page.)

This bundle comes with FOUR 6" Sinasoid Sliver patch cables, which will save you a few bucks from buying them individually. No length option here, though!

Please note that the "Surprise Me" color option is dealer's choice. No requests. It'll be nice. We promise.

Offered with Japanese Canare GS-6, every Sinasoid Sliver patch cable is handmade by our master techs in Seattle, WA, and will ship with our 100 Year Warranty.

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